About Me

Dear Friends,brothers,sisters & all followers.


 I’m Madhusudan, belongs from a simple singh family from Aurangabad,Bihar. I am  Economics (Hon) from Magadh University and presently working as a Accounts Manager in Construction Company at Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. I have a lovely son and I love my family as well as love to write Hindi Blogs, Poems etc. I don’t know who am I but my Poems describes me & my thinking. 

I am ……. 

Neither rich nor a poor man, 

Neither happy nor a sad man, 

But my small heart is very very rich & happy. 

So interested person can contact me on my gmail/facebook a/c: [email protected] namely madhusudan singh.

Thank you guys more & more time for following this blog & say that……..

हँस लो गा लो खुशियां मना लो,
जीवन के हर एक पल मुस्कुरा लो,
ना जाने कब रुठ जाएगा कोई,
एक दिन तुझे फिर रुलायेगी दुनिया,
एक दिन तुझे फिर रुलायेगी दुनियां।


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